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November 12, 2009

Buffett and Gates: Energy and Optimism

Catherine New
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“When I left Columbia, they told me I’d probably have to come back and repeat a few classes,” Warren Buffett, MS ’51, deadpanned as he took the stage with Bill Gates on Thursday as part of a community forum at Columbia Business School. More than 700 students from the Business School were in attendance at the event, which was filmed for global broadcast by CNBC.

A major theme of the 90-minute Q&A session was optimism about U.S. economic prosperity in the long-term, with a nod to future energy issues. That theme underscored Buffett’s comments about Berkshire Hathaway’s recent acquisition of Burlington Northern Santa Fe for $34 billion last week.

“The railroads are tied to the future prosperity of this country. You can’t move a railroad to China or India or anywhere else,” he said. “As the country grows, the transport of goods will grow — [people] will be moving more and more goods back and forth to each other. And you have the most environmentally friendly and the most efficient way of doing that on the railroads.”

The theme returned later in Gates’ discussion about areas he sees with the most growth potential in the United States. He said those include information technology, energy and medicine. Gates discussed the growing field of alternative energy as a driver for a long-term economic development.

“Solar-thermal, solar-electric, nuclear [energy] is going to go through some of the revival and see if it can solve some of its cost challenges. As a country, we want to make sure all of those get lots of R&D and regulatory enablement because one of them is going to give us much cheaper power,” he said. “We don’t have quite as much R&D going into those things as I’d like to see. We have quite a bit, but I think the government policies could drive for more.” He added that he foresees an energy revolution and the United States is expected to lead the way.

Buffett also discussed his value-investing strategy, saying that it had not changed in light of the financial crisis and the fundamentals were the same. “We like companies with a durable, competitive advantage,” he said. On the economy, both Buffett and Gates lauded the actions of the government and the Federal Reserve.

Both men offered advice and inspiration to students. (Marry the right person, said Buffett. Act on your self-confidence, Gates added). Buffett signaled his optimism for future MBA graduates of Columbia Business School, making a promising offer to those in the audience.

“I would pay a $100,000 dollars for 10 percent of the future earnings of any of you,” Buffett said. “If that’s true, you’re a million-dollar asset right now.”

CNBC will broadcast “Warren Buffett and Bill Gates: Keeping America Great” moderated by Becky Quick on November 12 at 9 p.m. and 12 a.m. ET . Join the conversation with other students on Facebook and on Twitter.

Photo credit: Eileen Baroso