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Columbia Business School: Public Offering CEO Corner Posts

Read blog posts about recent presentations made by some of the School’s distinguished guest speakers.

Energy Is a Solvable Problem, Immelt Says: Jeff Immelt
The three keys to ethical leadership, Jeff Immelt told a capacity crowd at Riverside Cathedral, are keeping a company financially safe, having operational excellence and protecting the future.
Connecting Your Career with the World: Paula Kerger
Paula Kerger, president and CEO of PBS, emphasized the importance of civic engagement in professional success at the 2009 Columbia Women in Business Conference.
Lessons from the Ice Cream Business: Jerry Greenfield and Julius Walls, Jr
How do you create a socially conscious business model? It’s a lot like creating a new ice cream flavor, Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Jerry Greenfield told students. Greenfield spoke with Greyston Bakery CEO Julius Walls, Jr. on leadership in social enterprise.
Bold Leadership at Xerox: Anne Mulcahy
It is one thing to turnaround a troubled company and it is another to transform it. Xerox CEO Anne Mulcahy has done both.
“What Is Your Capital Worth?” Asks Zell: Sam Zell
Sam Zell recently spoke about the economy and the real estate market as part of the Silfen Leadership Series. What investment opportunities does he see in the future?
Pfizer Chairman and CEO Discusses Pharma Strategy: Jeff Kindler
Jeff Kindler, chairman and CEO of Pfizer, spoke with students about the company's merger with Wyeth and its strategies for confronting market challenges. Read more about the discussion.
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