International Students

The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF)
Offers over $500,000 in funding to Scandinavians to undertake study or research programs in the United States for up to one year. Applicants must be citizens of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, or Sweden. The number and size of awards can vary greatly between countries. Contact the cooperative organization for your region. Details are listed on the website.

Armenian General Benevolent Union Fellowship
Grants are awarded annually to graduate and post-graduate students of Armenian descent who are residents/citizens of the United States or Armenia, enrolled in highly competitive colleges/universities in the United States. The application deadline is April 30.

Australia to USA Fellowship
The American Australian Association awards individual Fellowships for advanced study in the United States of up to US$25,000 each year. The Fellowships build on existing strong social and economic partnerships and foster intellectual exchange between the United States and Australia. Applicants must be Australian citizens in a full time graduate program. The application deadline is April 15.

Banco de Credito BCP Peru
This is a student loan program for Peruvian students. You can apply for up to the entire cost of education. Once approved, loan funds can be wired directly to your tuition bill, and living expense funds can be wired to your own savings account. Interest rates vary. Those interested in receiving more information should contact Mr. Ruben Robles directly at 511 442-8642 x5251. The posting of this loan program does not indicate endorsement by Columbia Business School.

The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW/FCFDU)
The CFUW was founded in 1919 to promote peace and equality rights for women. The Federation promotes higher education for women through its Fellowships and Awards Program. Applications are due November 1.

Columbia Colfuturo Scholarship Program
For Colombian students studying abroad in undergraduate and graduate educational programs. Award is a maximum of $25,000. Students must agree to return to Colombia within one year of finishing their programs.

Debesh-Kamal Scholarship for Higher Studies Abroad
The Ramakrishna Institute offers the Debesh-Kamal Scholarship every year for higher studies/research abroad. Students who have obtained 1st class in Honours or a Master's degree from an Indian University/College and have obtained a letter confirming admission in a subject into a foreign university are eligible.

The process of selection for this scholarship starts from the 3rd week of February and is completed by June every year. The Application Form and Rules downloaded from the website will be accepted from the 3rd week of February till the 3rd week of April.

The Development and Reforms Fund
Any citizen of Georgia holding a BA degree and not exceeding the age of 40 is eligible to apply for the program, which aims to fund Georgian students who wish to further their studies abroad. In order to be eligible for the program, applicants must have received a place in a priority field at a university approved by the fund. Columbia is an approved university.

Eduarda Justo Foundation
The aim of the Foundation is to identify two outstanding young professionals with the potential to make a significant impact in the future of the region of Almeria (South of Spain) and around the world, offering them the opportunity to follow MBA studies at the world’s best Universities and Business Schools. The foundation is now accepting submissions from all applicants from Spain, giving priority to outstanding applicants from Almeria. The Scholarships cover full University tuition, 1.600€/monthly (for living expenses), 1.000€ (for moving expenses), 2.000€ (for initial program entry expenses and books). The Foundation offers two application deadlines: March 15 and May 1.

FACC - NY Foundation Scholarship Program
The French-American Chamber of Commerce Foundation in New York has established the Serge Bellanger French-American MBA Student Scholarship for French and American nationals studying for a Masters of Business Administration or equivalent (troisieme cycle). The grants in US programs will be for French nationals that are engaged in or plan to engage in a course of study for an MBA in the United States. Grants will be made for the academic year commencing September 2014. Scholarship application materials for the 2014-2015 academic year must be postmarked no later than April 15, 2014.

Fundação Estudar
Fundação Estudar provides assistance to high-potential Brazilian MBA students who are committed to advancing Brazilian society. Scholarships are merit-based, but there is a financial need component as well. This program not only gives scholarship support, but also offers career development and networking opportunities within the Brazilian community.

Fundación Caja Madrid
Caja Madrid, a savings bank in Spain, runs one of the leading scholarship programs in the country for Spanish citizens pursuing advanced degrees abroad. The funds are awarded on a merit basis and usually cover tuition and fees, plus living and traveling expenses. Applications open in November and are due the end of January.

Fundación La Caixa
La Caixa is the biggest saving bank in Spain. It offers 225 scholarships to study postgraduate courses in Spain and abroad (either masters or PhDs); 45 are specifically earmarked for the United States. The funds are awarded on a merit basis and cover tuition and fees, living and traveling expenses, health insurance, and visa costs. Applications open in January and are due the end of April.

Fundación Pedro Barrie de la Maza
Available to Galician students only. Created in 1966 by Pedro Barrié de la Maza, who was closely linked to Banco Pastor (one of the top 10 Spanish banks). Since 1971, the foundation has been chaired by his widow, Carmela Arias y Díaz de Rábago, Countess of Fenosa. The foundation offers scholarships to study postgraduate courses abroad (Europe, USA, and Asia).

Fundacion Rafael Del Pino
Offers Spanish students a scholarship for graduate business students abroad. They award several scholarships annually that covers tuition and fees, travel expenses, and a monthly allowance.

Fundacion Ramon Areces
Offers Spanish students an Economia y Derecho de la Union Europea scholarship for graduate business students abroad. They award 22 scholarships annually that covers tuition and fees, travel expenses, and a monthly allowance of 1,650€.

Fulbright-Platinum Triangle Scholarship in Entrepreneurship
The Fulbright-Platinum Triangle Scholarship in Entrepreneurship is for talented New Zealanders in knowledge-economy-related fields to study towards a master’s degree at an American university, as well as to gain professional work experience in the US and in New Zealand.

Fulbright Program for Non-US Students
The Fulbright Program enables more than 1,800 new Foreign Fulbright Fellows to enter US academic programs each year. Foreign students may apply for Fulbright Fellowships through the bi-national Fulbright Commission or US embassies in their home countries.

The General Sir John Monash Award
Open to Australian citizens and graduates of universities in Australia who undertake study abroad. The General Sir John Monash Award is a prize of AUD $50,000 for academic excellence and demonstrated leadership and potential. Awards are targeted more to PhD studies; however, in exceptional circumstances, applications from those commencing an MBA are also reviewed. Applications are due August 31.

Hungarian-American Enterprise Scholarship Fund
The Hungarian-American Enterprise Scholarship Fund’s (HAESF) objective is to promote free enterprise and development in Hungary and to continue to strengthen ties between the United States and Hungary by creating opportunities for accomplished Hungarians and those of great promise to gain professional experience in the United States, thereby enhancing their contribution to Hungarian society. HAESF offers a $25,000 graduate scholarship for Hungarian citizens wishing to study in the United States. The deadline to apply is April 15.

Inlaks Foundation
Inlaks Foundation offers a 2 years scholarship that covers tuition fees, adequate living expenses, and one-way travel. In case of specific programs the financial coverage will be discussed directly with the candidate. Please see their website for full details.

Instituto Ling
Instituto Ling offers partial scholarships to Brazilian students who are pursuing top MBA programs in the US and have already been accepted by the university where they intend to study. Scholarships benefit those who demonstrate leadership, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to Brazil’s development. Award amounts are based on financial need. Deadline to submit application packages is May 13.

The James and Mary Dawson Scholarship
St. Andrew’s society of Washington D.C. awards several $5,000 scholarships for Scots coming to the USA for graduate or postgraduate study. The deadline for applications is June 30 of each year.

The John R. Mott Scholarship
Students native to the region of Calabria Italy who are enrolled to attend any accredited post-secondary school are encouraged to apply. Students must be seeking an education leading to a degree or professional certification. Preference is given to students from the town of Serra D’Aielo, and the city and province of Cosenza. The Foundation awards scholarships for up to $10,000 a year based on academic achievement and financial need. Consideration is also given to the candidate’s past and intended future contributions to the region. Applications should be completed online and materials sent by mail or fax. The application deadline is March 31.

JN Tata Endowment for the Higher Education of Indian
For the past 117 years the Endowment has been helping scholars of merit to realize their dreams of a world class education through its loan scholarship program. The scholarships are awarded for higher studies abroad in all disciplines and subjects. Annually, the Endowment selects around 120 meritorious scholars through a rigorous selection process, for the award of the prestigious JN Tata Endowment scholarships for higher studies abroad. Over the years several JN Tata scholars have distinguished themselves in various walks of life.

The Endowment awards only loan scholarships. However, the selected scholars may also qualify for a gift award. The amount to be awarded to each scholar by way of loan and gift scholarship is determined on the basis of norms laid down for the purpose, and ranges from Rs 1.50 Lakhs to Rs 8 Lakhs.

K.C. Mahindra Education Trust
The trustees of K.C. Mahindra Education Trust offer interest – free loan scholarships to Indian nationals for postgraduate studies abroad in various fields.

Applications are invited for the K. C. Mahindra Scholarships for advanced studies in Engineering, Natural Sciences, Humanities, Medicine, and Business Management including the study of Military, Naval, and Aviation Sciences.

The maximum amount of scholarship payable to any scholar shall not exceed Rs.95,000/-. Applicants for these scholarships are required to satisfy the following conditions:

*They must possess a FIRST CLASS degree or an equivalent diploma of the same standard from a recognized Indian university;
*They must have secured admission or have applied for admission in reputable foreign universities for courses commencing from September, but not later than February.

Candidates studying in the FINAL YEAR of the degree or diploma courses are also eligible to apply provided they produce their Final Year Certificate before end June.

Government and Quasi-Government Officers with a creditable academic record, going abroad for specialized qualifications are also eligible to apply.

Preliminary applications should be forwarded along with 25 cms x 18 cms self-addressed envelope with Rs.10.00 postage stamps affixed, which should reach him not later than 29 February, 2008. The prescribed application form will be sent only to those candidates who are considered to have the requisite qualifications as stated above to:
The Manager,
K.C. Mahindra Education Trust,
Cecil Court, 3rd Floor, Near Regal Cinema,
Mahakavi Bhushan Marg, Mumbai 400 001.

Lebanese International Finance Executives Scholarship
Lebanese International Finance Executives (LIFE) aims to support graduate students who are Lebanese or of Lebanese descent and demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in finance. Awards are based on financial need, academic merit, and professional promise. Those interested in scholarships should send an email to: or contact the scholarship representative Mrs. Joumana Abu Haidar at By telephone: +961 (1) 511106.

Leo S. Rowe Pan American Fund (Loans for Latin American students)
Sponsor: Organization of American States, 202-458-6208
Loan Amount: Minimum: None
Maximum: $7,500 (Aggregate limit $15,000)
Interest: None, as long as the borrower fulfills the contractual obligations of the loan (i.e., borrower must return to country of origin within one year of the estimated completion date of the studies for which the loan was granted).
Eligibility: Student must be a Latin American national or Caribbean member State of the OAS, be enrolled full-time in a degree program, and have a US cosigner.
Deferral: First payment is due three months after the estimated completion date of the studies for which the loan was approved.

The Luys Foundation
The Luys Foundation provides scholarships allowing Armenian students to study at the world’s top universities. Scholars must show ambition to contribute to society, while demonstrating integrity of character, interest in and respect for others, and the ability to lead. Students applying to the Luys Foundation must be Armenian, Citizens of Armenia or of Armenian descent. Applications are due April 1.

MBA Strategy Company, Ukraine
The teams from MBA Strategy offer 2 scholarships of $40,000 in total to 2 students who have already shown their great leadership potential while building a successful career and who may live in one of the CIS countries. Applicants must speak Russian or Ukranian. The deadline is in April.

Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation Scholarship Programme
The Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship Programme awards interest-free loan scholarships to Indian students with a consistently good academic record. Scholarships are offered for postgraduate studies at prestigious institutions in India and abroad, in the fields of Pure Sciences, Applied Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Law, Architecture, and Management. Applications must be submitted online. Students awaiting admission are also eligible, but the award of scholarship is subject to securing admission.

National Italian American Foundation Scholarship
National Italian American Foundation Scholarship is available for Italian-American students having at least one ancestor who has emigrated from Italy, and who demonstrate outstanding potential, and high academic achievements. Candidates must apply online and submit all application pieces by 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time, March 1. Contact Alexandra Dall with questions regarding scholarships by phone: +1 202-939-3118, or email:

Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program
The Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program provides scholarships for extraordinary Egyptian undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying at prestigious universities in the United States or Europe in fields that will enhance the economic prosperity of Egypt.

The scholarships are awarded based on merit and character as demonstrated through academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and entrepreneurial initiative. The scholarships include full tuition, a living allowance, travel expenses, and health insurance.

Organization of American States (OAS) Fellowships Programs
For Canadian citizens or permanent residents, the OAS scholarship provides, depending on the circumstances of each scholar: a round-trip ticket, tuition and fees, a yearly book allowance, health insurance, and a monthly subsistence allowance.

P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship
Provides international women with scholarships of up to $10,000. US and Canadian citizens or permanent residents are not eligible. Applicants must be enrolled in a graduate program in the United States or Canada and must promise to return to their home country to pursue their careers. The application packet is due by January 31 of the year for which the scholarship is requested.

The Sainsbury Management Fellowship Scheme
Fellowships for UK Citizens with an engineering background.
For further information contact:
The Sainsbury Management Fellowship Scheme
The Royal Academy of Engineering
29 Great Peter Street
London SWIP 3LW
Telephone: +44 (0) 171 222 2688
Fax: +44 (0) 171 233 0054
Web site:

Sampoerna Foundation MBA in US and Europe Scholarship
Indonesian citizens who wish to pursue a full-time MBA program in the US or Europe are eligible for a full scholarship. The scholarship covers tuition for up to two years of study, in addition to airfare, living expenses, books, medical insurance fees, and the visa application fee.

Talentia Scholarship Program
Talentia Scholarships are aimed at identifying those young Andalusians whose intellectual/human excellence and leadership potential have given them the capacity to contribute to the future development of Andalusia. Scholarship recipients may study masters and post-graduate courses at the world’s leading universities, thereby expanding their intellect, exploiting their talent, and acquiring an international perspective. Students must be a citizen of a European Union Member State and be born in or be an administrative resident of Andalusia during the last two years.

Tashman Fellowship
The Haldun Tashman Fellowship was established in April 2001 to provide financial assistance for admitted Columbia Business School students of Turkish descent. The fellowship is awarded to students who have demonstrated past success in academic, professional, or personal endeavors and who show future promise of continued high achievement. Tashman Fellows must exhibit a sincere desire to improve the lives of others. To qualify for this fellowship, students must also demonstrate financial need. Past recipients have displayed evidence of high integrity, drive, and leadership skills.

Prospective candidates for this award are initially identified by the Columbia Business School Selection Committee and subsequently reviewed by the donor prior to final selection. The donor reserves the right not to award the fellowship in any given year if no suitable candidate is found.

The award is for US $15,000 toward the cost of tuition for three to five students for one year, payable directly to the School. The Haldun Tashman Fellowship is renewable for the recipient’s second year of study pending satisfactory completion of the first academic year, fulfillment of the year-end reporting requirement by the student, and no proven violations of the University’s code of conduct. Students under consideration for the Tashman Fellowship may be required to submit additional materials to document their financial positions.

TOEFL Scholarship Program
The TOEFL scholarship program is designed to award TOEFL test takers for achieving academic excellence, exhibiting leadership skills, performing extracurricular activities and demonstrating English-communication proficiency. Test takers applying for the scholarship must currently be living in Mainland China, India, Japan, Korea or Taiwan at the time of application, hold a grade point average of at least 80 or higher on a 100-point scale or a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, have a valid TOEFL test score used as a requirement for admissions into your graduate program, complete the application form online and upload your transcripts.

US-UK Fulbright Commission
UK citizens seeking to pursue their MBA at a US institution may qualify for a grant of £25,000 to put towards the scholar’s first year of study toward an MBA degree. University application and entrance exam fees, limited sickness and accident benefit coverage, visa sponsorship and processing, and participation in a number of Fulbright Scholar events are also included.

Vitan-Botoulas-Robinson Scholarship for Romanian MBAs
The Vitan-Botoulas-Robinson scholarship was pledged by Tony Romani MBA ‘08 as recognition for the dedication of school administrators in the Financial Aid and Admissions offices. The scholarship supports $2,500 a year to MBA students of Romanian origin who have completed at least part of their undergraduate studies in Romania. Only students currently registered in the full-time MBA program at Columbia Business School are eligible to apply. Applications will be accepted anytime during the school year but no earlier than September 15. For more information, visit:


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