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Location: Columbia University Campus, New York City

Tuition: $5,500

Includes materials and some meals.

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Personal Leadership and Success is a unique leadership program based on breakthrough research in psychology, neuroscience and other scientific disciplines, and a rigorous study of the inner lives of great leaders. The program provides powerful insights and tools to help you gain mastery over your goals, values, purpose, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, mindsets and motivations, so you can operate at your best in all moments, become a more effective leader, build stronger relationships, and experience greater fulfillment at work and in life.


Leadership is often approached in terms of one's ability to understand and direct our external environment including people, organizations, and events.

Personal Leadership and Success takes the view that to succeed professionally one needs to develop another dimension of leadership consisting of the ability to understand and direct one's internal environment–goals, motivations, mindsets, and emotions.

Traditionally, people have sought mastery over their inner environment by turning to the teachings of philosophers, prophets, or modern-day self-help experts. Personal Leadership replaces this faith-based approach with a fact-based approach. The course fuses the latest scientific breakthroughs from the frontiers of psychotherapy, psychology, neuroscience, sociology, behavioral economics and medicine with an extensive study of the inner lives of great leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Steve Jobs.

This three-day program offers scientifically validated, practical insights and techniques for understanding and mastering one's inner environment, and then using this inner mastery to succeed in life and leadership.

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