The Obama Administration released a public report (PDF) earlier this week that said only 9 percent of eligible home loans have been modified under the government’s Making Home Affordable program and named the loan-servicing companies they say have not modified any loans.

Is the public outing a fair or effective way to urge more companies to modify loans? Professor Chris Mayer spoke on Marketplace Radio (listen to the story) on August 4 and said a better way would be to work through the investors. He said:

Well I think the idea of sort of a public outing is not my favorite way to conduct government. You know, these are complicated programs and the government hasn’t made it easy to participate all the time. But no, I don’t think it’s fair to call people out. I prefer other methods. … My sort of preferred approach would be to work with investors to get rid of the servicers who are being ineffective at this.

Should the government publically out home lenders that it says isn’t doing enough to help homeowners?

Photo credit: Meghann Marco