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May 21, 2009

The MBA Class of 2009 Graduates

Catherine New
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More than 700 freshly minted MBAs lined up on the west side of Uris Hall on the morning of May 20, 2009 to start the procession for the 255th Commencement of Columbia University.

In his final e-mail address to the class of 2009, Dean Glenn Hubbard offered guidance for the uncertain economy that the new graduates face. He wrote:

The current economic situation offers another lesson as well. Recessions are times of change and turmoil. In this environment, economies built on entrepreneurial capitalism offer managers and entrepreneurs chances to “connect the dots” in a bottom-up way that drives innovation. Seen this way, entrepreneurship and innovation are less the harsh discipline of creative destruction, to use Joseph Schumpeter’s famous term, than the nondestructive creation embedded in the company examples I gave earlier [Revlon, Hewlett-Packard and Apple].
And you will feel this opportunity. Your MBA and the network that comes with it are like a key to unlock a future opportunity whenever it comes your way. The most frequent comment I get from alumni is that their Columbia MBA gave them a Eureka! moment just when they needed it.

Congratulations, class! To see more pictures from the past year, view the Columbia Business School’s Flickr page. Complete webcasts of the Commencement ceremonies are also available.

Photo credit: Catherine New