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August 22, 2008

Class of 2010 Arrives on Campus

Catherine New
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Halfway through a discussion of Parker Petroleum, a fictional case centered on tough corporate governance and leadership issues, Professor Laurie Hodrick asked cluster G and H students, “Does this make you want to be a CEO?” A wave of firm “yesses” rang out through the lecture hall.

New student orientation was well underway by Thursday afternoon. As the class of 2010 — which includes NFL linebackers, Phi Beta Kappas and an Olympian — went through first-week-of-school rituals, one thing was clear: the work hard, play hard mindset was already forming. Introductions, handshakes and perhaps even a little flirting were taking place on the front steps of Uris under a bright blue summer sky.

This year’s CBS orientation debuts the new core curriculum, designed to offer more flexibility for students, and includes a module in corporate governance. “The core is the first step in the journey to the MBA degree,” said Dean Glenn Hubbard. “It is essential to preparing our students to analyze, decide and lead in an increasingly complex and global business environment.”

Hodrick gave students some advice as well while they considered the Parker case. “Give yourself the right toolbox to take you to the places you want to go. And push yourself to think about other things than where you came from.”

Photo credits: Thomas Fischer ’09; Catherine New