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February 29, 2008

How to Shake Hands with an American Student

Jill Stoddard
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For two weeks in January, incoming MBA students (nicknamed J-termers) participated in an overwhelmingly robust orientation that included introductions to many faculty members and administrators as well as back-to-back seminars on topics such as social intelligence, business writing, ethics and statistics. These campus events were followed by nightly social outings in the city for dinner, theater and ice skating.

As with all new-student orientations, it’s hard to pick the best moment. But an indisputable highlight was the presentation “The International Student Experience” given by peer advisor Dan Fishel ’08.

In it, Dan discussed the many challenges that international students face, including what to expect in an American learning environment.

Dan also discussed what to expect from an American student — including this primer on how to shake hands with one.


A higher rez version of the video is available here (Real Media plug-in required).

Thanks to Dan Fishel and Alex Smith for the video.


by Harsha Raghavan | August 21, 2009 at 8:42 AM

Hi folks, I just wanted to say that as a former international student, I thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to Dan. He is a great presented and elucidates exactly what internationals go through. We loved it so much that we blogged about it at http://applygo.wordpress.com/?p=102. Thanks.

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