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Columbia Business School: Public Offering Nonprofit Posts

Read blog posts from the School’s thought leaders on issues and trends in nonprofits and education.


Closing the Leadership Gap in Nonprofits
As the nonprofit sector grows, there comes a greater need for leadership over bigger and more complicated enterprises. How can we change the way we think about and carry out leadership?
Philanthropist’s Guide for Rainy Days
Think hard about what the biggest problems out there are to be solved, and survey the charity landscape for organizations that most effectively address your chosen set of needs.
Stick to the Mission in Tough Times
We need to apply sensible economics in informing giving decisions, especially in tough financial times.
Strategic Competition in Social Entrepreneurship: Prof. Bruce Kogut, Part 1
Though often painful, competition can serve us collectively if we give it the respect it deserves.
A Better Way to Finance Social Enterprise: Prof. Bruce Kogut, Part 2
We need financial instruments and markets that are designed specifically for social enterprise.
Real Management for Social Enterprise: Prof. Bruce Kogut, Part 3
We live in an era where the media-friendly entrepreneur/founder must act on stage under the spotlight. But at what cost?


Look For Teachers in the Right Places
If we want to find a new supply of great teachers, we need to change methods by which we search. But what should we be looking for? Professor Jonah Rockoff takes a look.
The Importance of Getting the Right Mentor
Professor Jonah Rockoff recently studied how formal mentoring affects public school teachers in New York City and found some interesting results.
Bringing Entrepreneurialism to Education
Joel Klein: The core leaders at many levels in the system are not people who came from the education sector — they’re people who came from the business schools, and from the business sector. That causes me a lot of political heat, but that’s just fine.
Uncommon Path for MBAs
There is no more urgent or important work than providing children from low-income communities the same high quality education that their affluent peers receive.
Social Enterprise Tools for Education Reform
What do MBAs need to know about education reform? This year, the Social Enterprise Club met with different leaders to learn how management and school reform can work together.
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