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How to Get a Job at the United Nations
Networking, perseverance and a willingness to live in relatively less-desirable locations can help you find a job with the prestigious organization. What else do you need?
Tips for Working Abroad
International work is becoming increasingly instrumental for career advancement. Here’s how to make the most of your experience.
Ask Professor Feiner: Too Much E-mail
As my career has progressed, the number of emails I get has increased exponentially, and I’m having trouble getting to all of them. Any tips on how to manage this?
Debating Ethics Across Cultures
How would you handle an ethical dilemma in your job? An international panel of students discuss real-life problems and solutions.
Three Pieces of Advice on Working in China
If you feel you’re ready to work really hard and get accustomed to an incredibly fast-paced environment, then China is the place for you.
Building an International Finance Career: Karen Kalina ’94
“You should pursue the things you’re inherently interested in. Look inside yourself for career advice, because that is important, wherever it might lead you.” Read more about how Karen Kalina ’94 built a career in finance that took her overseas.
A Finance Career With Balance: Jackie Endriss Oberoi ’04
Five years after graduation, Jackie Endriss Oberoi ’04 has a successful career in finance that she finds both personally and professionally rewarding. What’s the secret to her success?
Turnaround Management Is the Right Fit: Rob Torti ’07
“I really enjoyed the complexity of management, and I realized I had a passion for working with a lot of different people and solving complex problems,” says Rob Torti ’07.
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