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Alumni Posts from Public Offering

Read interviews and profiles with recent alumni. Do you know someone we should blog about? We would love to hear from you.

Alumni Forever Week

Building an International Finance Career: Karen Kalina ’94
“You should pursue the things you’re inherently interested in. Look inside yourself for career advice, because that is important, wherever it might lead you.”
Making Connections In Real Estate: Robert Klein ’04
"It is one thing to know about real estate and know about companies but another to have teachers who can make the connections for you,” says Robert Klein ’04.
Turnaround Management Is the Right Fit: Rob Torti ’07
“I really enjoyed the complexity of management, and I realized I had a passion for working with a lot of different people and solving complex problems,” says Rob Torti ’07.
An Ad Man With the Heart of an Engineer: Stephano Kim ’03
“Modeling and stats classes were key for me,” says Stephano Kim ’03. Read more about Kim’s journey to become president of online advertising firm x+1.

Next Steps column

A Finance Career With Balance: Jackie Endriss Oberoi ’04
Five years after graduation, Jackie Endriss Oberoi ’04 has a successful career in finance that she finds both personally and professionally rewarding. What’s the secret to her success?
A Healthy Entrepreneurial Spirit: Cyrus Massoumi ’03
Your life may get a little healthier thanks to Cyrus Massoumi ’03, founder and CEO of ZocDoc. Public Offering caught up with him to discuss life as an entrepreneur.
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