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May 22, 2012

Dispatch from the Aftermath of the Facebook IPO
The New York Observer

May 22, 2012

From Banking to Gaming, the Changing Face of MBA Jobs
Financial Times

May 18, 2012

Facebook IPO: Faculty Weigh In

Faculty members shared their thoughts on Facebook's IPO leading up to Friday's opening bell where Facebook (FB) traded for the first time at $38 per share. Read more...

April 25, 2012

Ray Morales Recognized for Work with Students

Ray Morales, senior director of Columbia Business School’s Information Technology Group, has been awarded the 2012 Robert W. Lear Service Award.


April 22, 2012

Media Exec Pay: What Goes Up, Stays Up
Crain’s New York Business

March 18, 2012

Digital Jobs Central
Crain’s New York Business

March 12, 2012

Study Finds Marketers Don’t Practice ROI They Preach
Ad Age

March 07, 2012

Tim Cook’s Leadership Opportunity Painting the Apple Green

March 01, 2012

What Makes Networks Tick
BizEd Magazine

February 03, 2012

Facebook v. the Market: Who’s Fueling Who?
The Wall Street Journal’s Deal Journal Blog

January 30, 2012

Tech Employers Ignore Slump

December 20, 2011

T–Mobile: Back to square one