More than two-thirds of Columbia Business School students take advantage of federal and private loan programs to help finance their MBAs. Students interested in these loan types should visit Student Financial Services for detailed graduate loan information. This centralized information pertains to US citizens, US permanent residents, and international students.

If you have questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at or 212-854-4057.

Federal Direct Loans

US citizens and permanent residents may apply for fixed rate Federal Direct Loans. Applicants should wait to apply for loans until they have been admitted. Instructions on this process can be found on the Admitted Student website.

Federal Graduate PLUS Loans

Domestic students may be able to meet the cost of attendance through a fixed rate Federal loan, called Graduate PLUS. Please visit Student Financial Services for detailed information regarding the Graduate PLUS Loan.

Private Loans

There are several private loan programs offered to both citizens and non-US citizens that are mostly based on credit history. At the beginning of the application process, applicants should pull a copy of their credit report in advance to check for discrepancies, as the credit report and score are the largest components in determining eligibility and interest rate tier.

International Private Loans

International students are only eligible to be considered for private loans with a US cosigner. Loans without a US cosigner are not available. Most international students rely on family funds, personal savings, government or company sponsorships, and/or loans secured in their home countries. Download additional resources for international students (PDF, 590K).

Institutional Loans

Columbia’s institutional loan programs, as well as Federal Perkins Loans, are awarded as part of the need-based financial aid package prepared when students apply for scholarships. The appropriate forms and procedures will be provided to admitted students.

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Loan Assistance Program

Students who pursue careers in the public or nonprofit sectors within five years of graduation may be eligible for the School’s Loan Assistance Program.