Fellowships and Scholarships  


Through the generosity of individual, corporate, and foundation donors, Columbia Business School offers full- and partial-tuition fellowships to a number of exceptionally gifted students based on a variety of criteria, including academic excellence, geographic and personal background, and professional experience. In addition, many corporate-sponsored fellowships include recruitment opportunities for summer and future employment.

There is no separate application for fellowships; the School identifies those MBA applicants who demonstrate outstanding potential. To be considered for fellowships, prospective students must complete their applications for admission to the full-time Columbia MBA Program by the merit fellowship consideration deadline and indicate that they would like to be considered for fellowships. If you are awarded a fellowship, you will receive a status change email from the Admissions office with information about your award and whether or not it is renewable for your second year. Only August-entry MBA students are considered for merit-based fellowships in the first year.

Need-Based Scholarships

Columbia Business School offers partial-tuition scholarships to qualified candidates, both domestic and international. Scholarships are mostly need-based, however, certain named scholarships have a merit component. Details on applying for scholarships can be found on the Admitted Students website.

Scholarship applications should not be submitted until admission to the MBA program. August-entry scholarship applications and related materials are due by March 1 or three weeks from the date of admission, whichever is later. January-entry scholarship applications and related materials are due by October 1 or three weeks from the date of admission, whichever is later. The date of admission is defined as the date on which the Admissions Office notifies the candidate via e-mail. Since requests for financial aid are processed in the order in which they are received, admitted students planning to apply for need-based aid are urged to complete the required steps as quickly as possible.

Columbia Business School begins sending out financial aid packages in April for August-entry students and October for January-entry students and continues on a rolling basis until orientation.  Amounts range from $5,000–$12,000 for those who qualify.

To assess a student’s eligibility for need-based aid, the School takes into consideration all available resources (including cash, savings, investments, money market, IRA and 401(k) accounts, CDs, trust funds, real estate equity, GI and Social Security benefits, income of student and spouse, and income tax refunds) as well as educational debt levels.

Merit-Based Scholarships

The Second-Year Fellows Program awards second-year students who have achieved academic excellence and contributed significantly to the Columbia Business School community. Candidates will be evaluated by a School committee, and selected students will receive funding toward their spring tuition for the second year. The Second-Year Fellows Program is awarded by the Office of Student Affairs. The top 10 percent of the class (based on academic ranking) will be invited to apply in October.

Fellowship and Scholarship Descriptions

Details about several of Columbia Business School’s numerous fellowships and scholarships are listed below. 

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