Faculty Publications

Accounting Division 

Ball, Ray, Ashok Robin and Gil Sadka“Is Financial Reporting Shaped by Equity Markets or by Debt Markets? An International Study of Timeliness and Conservatism.” Review of Accounting Studies, issue 2-3, vol. 13, (2008) pp. 168-205.

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Decision, Risk, and Operations Division 

Apte, Uday, Costis Maglaras and Michael Pinedo. “Operations in the Service Industries: Introduction to the Special Issue.” POM Journal, issue 3, vol. 17, (2008) pp. 235–237.

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Finance and Economics Division 

Acemoglu, Daron, Simon Johnson, James A. Robinson and Pierre Yared "Income and Democracy." American Economic Review, issue 3, vol. 98, (2008) pp. 808-42. View feature article about this research

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Management Division 

Abrahamson, Eric. “22 Things I Hate: Mini Rants on Management Research.” Journal of Management Inquiry, issue 4, vol. 17, (2008) pp. 422-425.

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Marketing Division 

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