April 03, 2008
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Leadership and Ethics Week: The Economics of Climate Change

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The Economics of Climate Change:
How Businesses Benefit From Climate Change Strategies

Against a backdrop of rising global concern about the environment and climate change, a McKinsey Quarterly survey finds that executives view climate change issues as important for their companies, seeing both opportunity and risk. But... how exactly does climate change matter in terms of managing corporate reputation, product development, investment planning, and purchasing and supply management? What are the current initiatives that companies are taking? How is the future professional landscape going to change as a result? The panel includes recognized practitioners from a range of industries and will provide you with a clear understanding and practical examples of how important it is to consider climate change issues within their companies’ overall strategy.

Professor Geoffrey Heal will moderate a panel featuring Alice LeBlanc, director of AIG’s Office of Environment & Climate Change; and Chris Hunter, vice president of Carbon Finance at Climate Change Capital.

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