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Pamela Hartigan

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Teaching and research interest

Pamela Hartigan is the Managing Director of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, a Swiss-based organization founded in 1998 and focused on advancing the practice of social entrepreneurship globally, building and supporting its community of practitioners whose efforts have achieved transformational social change. The Foundation invests its resources in providing leading social entrepreneurs with unprecedented opportunities to gain access to the power, resources and influence represented by the members of the World Economic Forum, its sister organization, thus furthering the legitimacy of their work, and facilitating unique partnerships with the corporate and public sectors that enable them to replicate and scale their groundbreaking efforts. Dr. Hartigan is the Foundation's first Managing Director and has been responsible for shaping the strategy and operations pursued by the Foundation to achieve its mission.

Dr. Hartigan is a frequent lecturer on social entrepreneurship and innovation at graduate schools of business in the USA and Europe, and is currently co-authoring a book with John Elkington, founder of SustainAbility in the UK, on social entrepreneurship. Entitled The Power of Unreasonable People: How Social Entrepreneurs Create Markets to Change the World, the book will be released in January 2008 by Harvard Business Press.

Throughout her career, Dr. Hartigan has held varied leadership positions in multilateral health organizations and educational institutions as well as in entrepreneurial nonprofits. She has been responsible for conceptualizing and creating new organizations, departments or programs across a variety of institutional arrangements and multi-stakeholder platforms. Of Ecuadorian origin, she holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in International Economics from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and the Institut d'Etudes Europeenes in Brussels. She also has a Masters degree in Education and a PhD in Human Developmental Psychology from American University and Catholic University, respectively, both located in Washington, D.C. Pamela is bilingual in Spanish and English, and speaks fluent French. She has two children and lives in rural France with her Australian husband.