Matthias Birk

Adjunct Associate Professor


PhD Marketing, Humboldt University of Berlin, 2008; Dipl. Psychology, RWTH Aachen University, Germany, 2004.

Matthias Birk

218 Uris




Teaching and research interest

Matthias Birk is an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School. After his PhD in Marketing and a visiting scholarship at Columbia Business School he worked as a strategy consultant for McKinsey & Company advising clients primarily from the healthcare, pharma, telecom, chemical and financial industry. Matthias background is in psychology and he is an expert in the area of influencing and changing consumers’ attitudes and behaviors. His research focuses on how to communicate with customers in times of crisis and he has published in major academic and business journals such as the Sloan Management Review. Matthias is also a guest lecturer at The Wharton School, and the School of Public Policy at CEU Budapest and works for Mobius Executive Leadership and the Exetor Group, advising large corporate clients and training corporate as well as NGO executives in the US, Europe, South America and Asia.

Courses taught