Alessandro Citanna

Adjunct Professor

Finance and Economics

BA, Bocconi University, 1988; PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1995

Joined CBS in 2003

Alessandro Citanna

218 Uris




Teaching and research interest

Professor Citanna has taught at several business schools in the United States and Canada and is now full professor of economics and finance at Yeshiva University. His research focuses on a systemic and structural view of economic problems and of financial markets. His main contributions are in the areas of financial innovation, incomplete financial markets, information economics and matching markets.

Journal articles

Recursive equilibrium in stochastic overlapping-generations economies In Econometrica (2010)
Author(s): Paolo Siconolfi, Alessandro Citanna

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Wireless Telecom Inc.: Summer 2010
Author(s): Alessandro Citanna, Geoffrey Heal

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Working Papers

Incentive Efficient Price Systems in Insurance Economies with Adverse Selection Working paper (2011)
Author(s): Alessandro Citanna, Paolo Siconolfi

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Recursive equilibrium in stochastic OLG economies: Incomplete markets Working paper (2011)
Author(s): Paolo Siconolfi, Alessandro Citanna

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