Ellynne Dec

Ellynne Dec

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Teaching and research interest

Ellynne Dec is an actuary specialising in healthcare and pharmaceutical strategy. She is an expert in risk quantification and forecasting, working with sparse information and in a big-data environment. Ms Dec has dedicated her career to working with teams making difficult, high-stakes decisions involving uncertain, often unstructured, outcomes. As a graduate student, she studied Applied Mathematics at Colorado School of Mines, and Decision Analysis and Management Science with Professor Ron Howard at Stanford University. She has worked as a drug development strategist at a global pharmaceutical company, and consults to public and private stakeholders in the international life sciences and health industry. Her recent research has focused on: - Evidence-based analysis of breast cancer screening and recall rates, and the costs of standard screening and follow-up to private insurers in the US - Medicare patients with COPD and their annual patterns of consumption of hospital inpatient and outpatient resources - The potential future impact of new therapies on global treatment trends and long-term prevalence of Hepatitis C - Mechanisms for the UK DOH to incentivise and reward pharmaceutical innovation in the context of a reduced pricing scheme