Martin Cherkes

Associate Professor (by contract)

Finance and Economics

M. Sc. [mathematics] Novosibirsk State University, 1969; Ph.D. [economics] University of Pennsylvania1984

Joined CBS in 2006

Martin Cherkes

316A Uris




Teaching and research interest

The current research interests of Professor Cherkes are concerned with the Closed-end funds' puzzle and with the size of liquidity premium . Prior to Columbia, Cherkes has been teaching at Princeton [1997-2005] and at Wharton [1993-1997]; he also worked at Barclays [MD and Global Product Manager for Commodity Risk Management], at Continental Illinois [VP] and Chase Manhattan Bank [Director of Research for CIB]. Cherkes has won a number of teaching awards, including the Outstanding Professor at Wharton for Year 1996. Cherkes teaches a course on Capital Markets. Selected Research and Papers The Closed-End Funds: A Misunderstood Asset(2001); A Positive Theory of Closed-End Funds as an Investment Vehicle (2003);Initial Public Offering Patterns in Closed-end Funds (2004);A Liquidity-Based Theory of Closed-End Funds (2005).