Robert N. Bontempo

Faculty Member

Executive Education

BS, University of Notre Dame, 1981; BA, Indiana University, 1984; PhD, University of Illinois, 1989

Joined CBS in 1989

Robert Bontempo

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Teaching and research interest

Professor Bontempo studies international comparative management, including international negotiations and cultural differences in decision making. His current research involves cultural factors in international negotiations and international differences in risk perception. The winner of the 1994 Singhvi Prize for Scholarship in the Classroom, Bontempo teaches the core course Leadership and the elective Managerial Negotiations. He is a consulting editor for the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.


Persuasion (A and B): Spring 2013
Author(s): Robert N. Bontempo, Pamela Welling

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Does Size Matter? GM Management's Mandate to Decide: Fall 2011
Author(s): Trevor Harris, Robert Bontempo, Paul Ingram

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Rio Copa: A Negotiation Simulation: Spring 2008
Author(s): Robert Bontempo

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