Franklin R. Edwards

Arthur F. Burns Professor Emeritus of Free and Competitive Enterprise

Finance and Economics

BA, Bucknell, 1958; MA, 1960; PhD, Harvard, 1964; JD, New York University, 1968

Joined CBS in 1966

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Franklin Edwards

525 Uris




Teaching and research interest

Professor Edwards is a specialist in financial markets and institutions, financial regulation and derivatives markets. He teaches courses on futures markets and contemporary issues in financial markets. Edwards has written dozens of books and articles on topics in banking, financial markets and derivatives, including a textbook, Futures and Options. In his recent book, the New Finance: Regulations and Financial Stability, he argues that financial regulation must be reformed to make it more compatible with today’s market realities. His current research is on the effects of the rapidly growing mutual fund industry on the stock market and on financial stability.


Derivatives and Systemic Risk: What Role Can the Bankruptcy Code Play? In Systemic Financial Crises: Resolving Large Bank Insolvencies (2005)
Author(s): Franklin Edwards, Edward Morrison

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The Regulation of Hedge Funds: Financial Stability and Investor Protection In Hedge Funds: Risks and Regulation (2004)
Author(s): Franklin Edwards

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U.S. Corporate Governance: What Went Wrong and Can It Be Fixed? In Market Discipline Across Countries and Industries (2004)
Author(s): Franklin Edwards

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Journal articles

Derivatives and the Bankruptcy Code: Why the Special Treatment? In Yale Journal on Regulation (2005)
Author(s): Franklin Edwards, Edward Morrison

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Corporate Governance at Hewlett-Packard 1999-2005: Spring 2010
Author(s): David Beim, Ralph Biggadike, Franklin Edwards, Daniel Sorid

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The Foreign Corrupt Practice Act: What You Should Know: Summer 2008
Author(s): Frank Edwards

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Cablevision: Fall 2008
Author(s): David Beim, Frank Edwards

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Regulating Internal Financial Markets: Issues and Policies (1991)
Author(s): Hugh Patrick, Franklin Edwards

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