Paolo Siconolfi

Franklin Pitcher Johnson Jr. Professor of Finance and Economics

Finance and Economics

BA, University of Rome, 1981; MA, University of Pennsylvania, 1983; PhD, 1987

Joined CBS in 1989

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Paolo Siconolfi

615 Uris




Teaching and research interest

Professor Siconolfi teaches the core course Managerial Economics. He works with general equilibrium theory, information theory and dynamic models in monetary theory. His main contributions deal with the equilibrium properties of incomplete market economies, the existence of sunspot equilibria and the informativeness of equilibrium prices. Recently, he has also examined the dynamic efficiency of a social security system in the context of an overlapping generations model.

Journal articles

Economies with Observable Types In Review of Economic Dynamics (2012)
Author(s): Aldo Rustichini, Paolo Siconolfi

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Mixed Strategy Equilibria in Repeated Games with One-Period Memory In International Journal of Economic Theory (2010)
Author(s): Paolo Siconolfi, Prajit Dutta

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Recursive equilibrium in stochastic overlapping-generations economies In Econometrica (2010)
Author(s): Paolo Siconolfi, Alessandro Citanna

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Optimal Debt Contracts and Moral Hazard Along the Business Cycle In Economic Theory (2004)
Author(s): Pietro Reichlin, Paolo Siconolfi

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Winner's Curse: Loser Takes All: Spring 2010
Author(s): Bogachan Celen, Paolo Siconolfi

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Working Papers

Incentive Efficient Price Systems in Insurance Economies with Adverse Selection Working paper (2011)
Author(s): Alessandro Citanna, Paolo Siconolfi

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Recursive equilibrium in stochastic OLG economies: Incomplete markets Working paper (2011)
Author(s): Paolo Siconolfi, Alessandro Citanna

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