Name Title Office Phone
Sara Alaica  Web Editor 10th Floor 60th 212-854-5955
Richard Backer  Senior Associate Director of Digital Communications 10th Floor 60th 212-851-4311
Christopher Cashman  Director of Public Relations 10th Floor 60th 212-851-4338
Tausha Cowan  Senior Associate Director of Internal Communications/ Multimedia Journalist 10th Floor 60th 212-851-9850
Rebecca Dahl  Assistant Director, Administration and Special Projects 10th Floor 60th 212-854-8745
Nicholas Dratch  Associate Director, Marketing 10th Floor 60th 212-854-1654
Brett Essler  Senior Digital Content Manager 10th Floor 60th 212-851-4323
Victoria Fullard  Senior Director of Communications 10th Floor 60th 212-854-6039
Catherine Fuller  Social Media Manager 10th Floor 60th 212-851-4101
Iris Henries  Associate Dean 10th Floor 60th 212-854-3432
Kimberly Kinchen  Managing Editor 10th Floor 60th 212-851-7217
Keshia Mark  Associate Director, Public Relations 10th Floor 60th 212-854-7120
Garrett McDonough  Senior Associate Director, Communications 10th Floor 60th 212-854-8759
Evan Nowell  Media Relations Manager 10th Floor 60th 212-851-9147
Karen Paff  Senior Associate Director 10th Floor 60th 212-851-4098
Julie Rademaker  Senior Director 10th Floor 60th 212-854-0219
Mary Schiller  Senior Manager Marketing Content Non-Degree and Degree 10th Floor 60th 212-854-9721
Amy Schnitzer  Director of Marketing 10th Floor 60th 212-854-6467
Brittany Scott  Reception Coordinator Marketing & Communications/Human Resources 33 West 60th 212-854-9599
Simone Silverbush  Senior Editor 10th Floor 60th 212-851-7224
Susannah Stayter  Director of Marketing 10th Floor 60th 212-851-2986