Name Title Office Phone
Rebecca Dahl  Assistant Director, Administration and Special Projects 10th Floor 60th 212-854-8745
Savannah Dailey  Manager, Scheduling and On-Campus Recruiting 206 Uris 212-854-8225
Kent Daniel  Professor 421 Uris 212-854-4679
Mary Darby  Adjunct Research Scholar 212 Uris 212-854-4750
Owen Davis  Adjunct Assistant Professor 218 Uris 212-854-7903
Jose De La Cruz  Faculty PC Support Specialist 202 Uris 212-854-7203
Michael De Lucia  Associate Director, EMBA and MS Career Management 215E Uris 212-854-5806
Ellynne Dec  Adjunct Associate Professor 218 Uris 212-854-7903
Amy Deiner  Director of Program Management 4th fl. Armstrong 212-854-6153
Sebastian Deken  Assistant Director, Special Projects 33 West 60th 212-851-4314
Sandy DeLeon  Associate Director 33 60th 212-854-4331
Mingcherng Deng  Adjunct Assistant Professor 218 Uris 212-854-7903
Vidhi Desai  Assistant Director 113 Uris 212-854-2228
Wouter Dessein  Eli Ginzberg Professor of Finance and Economics 625 Uris 212-851-1805
Sharad Devarajan  Adjunct Associate Professor 218 Uris 212-854-7903
Robert Dewing  Adjunct Professor 218 Uris 212-854-7903
Marco Di Maggio  Assistant Professor 819 Uris 212-851-0159
Aneesa Din  Assistant Director, Individual Giving & Reunion Gifts  60th 212-851-4318
Rachel Dobkins  Assistant Director 204 Uris 212-854-4134
John Donaldson  Mario J. Gabelli Professor of Finance 818 Uris 212-854-4436
Bob Dorf  Part Time Lecturer 218 Uris 212-854-7903
Darko Dorsett  Faculty PC Support Specialist 202 Uris 212-854-0770
Camille Douglas  Adjunct Associate Professor  Offsite 212-708-6677
Kelley Downey  Program Coordinator  Uris 212-854-1796
Nicholas Dratch  Associate Director, Marketing 10th Floor 60th 212-854-1654
Estelle Drent  Administrative Coordinator 212 Uris 212-854-9459
Alexandra Dreyer  Associate Director, Alumni Marketing and Communications 33 W. 60th 212-851-4320
Kathleen Dreyer  Head of Watson Library 130 Uris 212-854-7803
William Duggan  Senior Lecturer in Business 724 Uris 212-854-1863
Katherine Duryea  Senior Associate Director of Business Development 4th Floor Armstrong 212-854-0550
Keston Dwarica  Technical Specialist B 202 Uris 212-854-2960