Name Title Office Phone
Juan Caicedo  Systems Analyst LL Uris 212-854-8169
Charles Calomiris  Curriculum Director 601 Uris 212-854-8748
Ed Cangialosi  Associate Director, Major Gifts 33 W 60th 212-854-8549
Ed Cangialosi  Associate Director, Major Gifts 33 W 60th 212-854-8549
Margaret Cannella  Administrative Director 218 Uris 212-854-7903
Noel Capon  R.C. Kopf Professor of International Marketing 501 Uris 212-854-3466
Christopher Carey  Adjunct Assistant Professor 218 Uris 212-854-7903
Amanda Carlson  Assistant Dean of Admissions 408 Armstrong 212-854-2078
Anne Carnahan  Assistant Director 216 Uris 212-854-1961
Ellen Carr  Adjunct Associate Professor 218 Uris 212-854-7903
Cheryl Carruthers  Executive Director for Advancement Services 33 W. 60th 212-854-8025
Christopher Cashman  Director of Public Relations 10th Floor 60th 212-851-4338
Rene Casiano  Office Assistant 203 Warren 212-854-7020
Jeff Cavalli  Assistant Director, Multimedia Technology Operations 202 Uris 212-854-0237
Nancy Cedeno  Financial Analyst 217 Uris 212-854-6193
Salah Chafik  Research Staff Assistant 310 Uris 212-854-5513
Susree Chakraborty  Program Coordinator 404 Warren 212-854-2212
David Chan  Assistant Director 202 Uris 212-854-6462
Carri Chan  Associate Professor 410 Uris 212-854-1609
Joanne Chaney  Reporting and Data Coordinator, Advancement Services 33 W. 60th 212-854-6038
Benny Chang  Network Analyst LL Uris 212-854-1544
Michael Chang  Program Coordinator  Armstrong 212-854-5662
Jimmy Charite  Research Associate  Uris
Hannah Chase  Manager or Multimedia 206 Uris 212-851-2459
Nam Chau  Research Associate  Uris
Fangruo Chen  MUTB Professor of International Business 407 Uris 212-854-8694
Edwige Cheynel  Assistant Professor 614 Uris 212-851-5863
Deepak Chopra  Adjunct Professor 218 Uris 212-854-7903
Jeffrey Cino  Adjunct Associate Professor 218 Uris 212-854-7903
Michelle Cino  Program Coordinator 204 Uris 212-854-0180
Alessandro Citanna  Adjunct Professor 218 Uris 212-854-2294
Barbara Clapp  Director of Individual Giving 33 W. 60th 212-851-4301
Jim Coen  Business/Economics Selector and Reference Librarian 130 Uris 212-854-5467
Mark Cohen  Director of Retail Studies 218B Uris 212-854-0630
Jay Coleman  Adjunct Professor 218 Uris 212-854-7903
Anthony Colletti  Assistant Director, Advancement Services 33 West 60th 212-854-8028
Casey Collier  Senior Associate Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations 33 W. 60th 212-851-4304
Satomi Collins  Student Affairs Officer 404 Warren 212-854-9820
Marin Conaughty  Associate Director 113 Uris 212-854-9379
Jay Corcoran  Associate Director, Career Management Library and Media Center 1M Uris 212-854-6070
Tausha Cowan  Senior Associate Director of Internal Communications/ Multimedia Journalist 10th Floor 60th 212-851-9850
Thomas Craig  Adjunct Professor 218 Uris 212-854-7903
Cliff Cramer  Director 218A Uris 212-854-2327
Bruce Craven  Program Director 4th Floor Armstrong
Alberto Cruz  Manager, Learning Solutions 4th Floor Armstrong 212-854-6037
Miguel Cruz  Assistant Director 202 Uris 212-854-1545
Daniel Curley  Assistant Director, Academic Affairs 413 Warren 212-854-1296
Dana Cushing  Assistant Director 4th Floor Armstrong 212-854-8651